Company Information:

EmpireHD Inc. was established in 1994 in New York City. We operate a family owned general contracting and builder business throughout New York and North Carolina. We do everything from small kitchen and bathroom renovations to large residential and commercial reconstruction and builder projects. Also, after the successful completion of several certifications over the years, we look to incorporate green construction techniques and materials for most of our clients.

Over the years EmpireHD has earned a solid reputation for integrity, dependability, leadership and value. Our unwavering attention to quality construction and unfailing pursuit of customer satisfaction has earned us a clean license on record with all licensing agencies.

Within an open communication environment, the principals, employees and workers of EmpireHD pride themselves on always being available. With instructions to keep all parties informed of progress and work challenges, it is our intent to keep owners, project managers, lenders and other parties up to date.

With an eye towards the future, EmpireHD faithfully monitors industry trends as well as the continual updates to various codes and standards. Most recently added to our list of certifications and pursuits - energy efficiency and green technology understanding. We feel a commitment now to smart energy conservation and consumption planning, will lead us, as a World, to a better place for all to live. With that as a driving force, EmpireHD has pledged to bring innovation and positive changes to the daily lives of the clients we serve.

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The People at EmpireHD:


Rich Sr, the son of two adventurous Sicilian immigrants, has been a small business owner since his early teenage years. With over 46 years in the construction industry, he now finds himself working closely with his son Richie Junior in the growth of the business he started long ago.

Rich Sr's construction background initiated within one and two family rehabilitation projects throughout the five boroughs. From there, Senior moved his focus to private home building and condominium development on the east end of Long Island - where he found great success and forged lasting industry relationships. It was through these relationships that Rich Sr found himself as the primary contractor for Goldfarb Industries (one of the largest property holders and management groups in New York). Today, Sr's passion urges him towards the revitalization of the communities he has lived in since his youth.

With a strong sense for understanding what "needs to be done", Rich Sr has always prided himself as a person of integrity who will work hard to complete all projects according to plan.


Nicole originally joined Empire in 2001 to help oversee marketing. With her background in advertising and account management, she helped Empire gain insight and direction in obtaining new business. Since that time, Nicole has continually increased her role and taken on new responsibilities within the company. Though Empire and Nicole have both evolved over this time - she continues to focus on finding new opportunities and overseeing client expectations.


Mario Douge was born an enterprising young man in Port-au-Prince Haiti and later completed his education while living in Brazil. During his time in Brazil, he was introduced to his first construction focused position with the locally famed TDS Architects group. In 1966, Mario moved to the United States where he found a welcomed opportunity working with the Design Builder Allen Dahl.

With over 30 years in construction and design related experience, Mario has had the fortunate opportunity to work with several large firms in the industry - including York Hunter and Blake Hill Construction.

To this day, Mario continues to search for new ways to expand his experience - an experience that has brought him a detailed understanding in many areas, including: new construction, school reconstruction through the School Construction Authority, hospital renovation, HPD sponsored neighborhood revitalization programs and private development. Mario brings additional field experience to EmpireHD and supports our continual efforts to satisfy our client's expectations.


Richie Junior started learning sales early, while attending customer appointments with his father at the young age of 5. From that point forward there was no separating the father and son team.

Junior's strength has always been found in his attention to detail and his natural ability to acutely understand client expectations. In 1992, when Junior completed his Business Management degree from Hofstra University, he solidified the foundation he needed to manage a growing business.

With a strong background in Commercial Rehabilitation, Security System Integration and Energy Conservation Methodologies, Richie Junior brings another facet to the EmpireHD company resume.